Bauméo Travaux

Specialized work in sanitation

Bauméo Travaux

Specialized work in sanitation

Sanitation works

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Draincleaning – Dredging

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Video Inspection

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Maintenance contract

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Diverse outdoor layout

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Experienced professionals in sanitation

BAUMEO TRAVAUX is a company specialized in sanitation work and it is located in Peymeinade, French department of Alpes-Maritimes.



Our company offers quality service using tools and materials that respond and are adapted to your needs.



BAUMEO is divided into 2 companies, offering 2 families of activities on the same spot :


Bauméo Hydro

A hydrogeological soil studies office that assists you in the design and prescription of your sanitation and rainwater works, as well as project management.


Bauméo travaux

A local and family business providing all your sanitation and various other amenities …

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BAUMEO travaux
54 Route de Draguignan
06530 Peymeinade

04 93 09 39 50

06 86 82 56 57




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