Sanitation works

– We create new systems for the building of your brand new house
– We put you on the standards after a SPANC’s non-compliance control when selling or buying a house
– We connect you to the collective network after a sewer extension next to your place
– We build back your system after an accident
– We help you in your home expansion project
– We replace and repair your pipes

In order to give you a proper and precise estimate of the work, first you need to send us the hydrogeological study of your field as it gives the type of company that has the right to work on it (certified or classic). Then it is always better to meet on the spot to evaluate the field and see its characteristics (accessibility, landscape, measurements,…).

For any complementary information, please contact us : 06 86 82 56 57.

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190 ch frayère – ZA Picourenc (lot 4A) 06530 Peymeinade

04 93 09 39 50

06 86 82 56 57




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