if you want to prevent the filling of your waste water pipes, having them dredged is preventive, affordable and efficient way to maintain them.

Dredging consists in removing the waste that got accumulated on the sides of the pipes (grease, sand, rocks, dirt,…) and that can often cause clogging ans other issues.
Our sewer cleaner truck has a high pressure hose that can remove any plug, even those that are 100 meter deep.

We also do chemicals-free unclogging to help you keep your pipework intact and ease the water flow to your septic tank and your sewer.

Our cleaning systems allow us to :

– Cut roots
– Cleanse waste plugs
– Remove tartar build-up
– Clean worksite debris (soft roe, mortars, bricks, cement,…)
– Get rid of detergent leftover (dishwasher tabs, washing machine products,…)
– Strip grease…

High-pressure unclogging is an environment-friendly as it is only made with water.
Our truck (only 2.40 meter large) has a high-pressure pump.
Owners associations and condominiums, do not hesitate to reach us for regular dredging of your waste and rain water pipes. A maintenance contract might be your solution.

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